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iLogic – Rafael Tudela H


They make it happen

iLogic is a team of folks obsessed with technology that design and run several incredible set ups for public and private events in Colombia. Their wacky ideas, good and creative use of technology and flawless executions needed a new brand with some motion to represent their style. I directed the iLogic e-brand redesign creating the new concept, visual identity, communication tone and graphic elements from stationery to website interface and animations. Once done, the whole project was packed and delivered to the team inside of a pizza box.

Client: Ilogic Studio S.A.S
Sector: Technology
Project: e-Branding
Country: Colombia

Emotion drives reason more than reason drives emotion.

The biggest challenge for this brand was to shake off its trajectory as a stiff, cold and techie kind of company that just rented equipment for concerts and talks. For more than a decade, iLogic was creating great experiences for the people at the events they designed, but their creativity was eclipsed by its technicalities. After all, they were the people behind the scenes, they didn’t need to be in the spotlight. They were the spotlight.

The creatives in iLogic are insane! (in a good way) and come up with the most amazing ideas every time they make their job. It was about time to put them in the spotlight.

– Identity design

While a company may believe it has a technically or functionally superior offer, consumers’ evaluations are in essence emotionally-based. We are talking about memories here. Concerts, openings, speeches, promotion, etc. Are things that you want people to remember, so the first step was getting rid of the technicalities and embrace the emotion and tell their story.

Feelings happen before thought, and they happen with great speed.

By changing the way the presented their services, from a price list to a methodology, they could start communicating their ideas in a better way. Feelings happen. We make them happen.

Audiences want more than logic.

In other words, remember that what we’ve already seen will predispose us to what we can see the next time around because of our emotional investment in what’s familiar to us. This incumbent advantage has implications for branding, offer design and advertising in particular.
The solution? Stop thinking logically and surprise your audience.

We prefer our illogical way of thinking because it’s fun.

Thinking illogically brings the unexpected, spontaneous, different, and makes everything possible. That is the core of this new identity design system. The new brand communicates the movement, the wackiness, the fun of the creative process but yet it keeps the technical “spotlight” in the scene. 

Talk to your people

Many elements in the iLogic new brand are intentioned for the Latin American audience. 

In Colombia, same as many other places where Spanish is the official language, words in English can be either cool or totally misinterpreted and mispronounced. As the goal of the brand is to bring more people together, not alienating. That’s the reason for pieces like how the brand is pronounced; in Spanish it would sound something like “e-logik”, which was a recognition problem (and also use to drive the owner crazy) and the inclusion of the double exclamation ¡! (also how you write exclamations in Spanish) in the logo. Then some secondary elements like the audience and the idea bubbles were included to reaffirm the brand’s vision of “everyone has a voice here”.

Collateral design

Let’s have some (design) fun


Digital strategy

“Fue capáz de plasmar toda nuestra compañía, sus ideas, su proceso, su locura, todo en una marca que no sólamente se ve bien sino que permanece en la mente de nuestros clientes.”

Andres diaz
Andres Felipe Diaz CEO - iLogic Colombia