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Configurhator – Rafael Tudela H


Build your own work deal

Configurhator is a web based app that let applicants and current employees of Accenture technology division create a better deal based on their needs and give out feedback that later will turn into data for the HR team and presented in a more organized way.
I redesigned the overall user interface and added elements like the progress bar, interactive layouts and backgrounds and a tutorial “on the go” to the user experience. It’s all about making the people want to participate and have active and more customized work deals.

Client: Accenture Technology
Sector: Technology
Project: App / SaaS
Country: Germany - United States

A new deal!

You decide what you need to invest 100% of your talent, time and energy by continuously configuring your work as simple as a car configurator.

– The challenge

Nothing like simplicity at work. Even in the most corporate aspect of a professional relationship. A contract. 

Every day more people get interested in changing the way they work. Some like working at the office while others might prefer doing it from home as they know their job can be done remotely, they focus more in isolation or simply don’t want to wear pants every day. Companies know this, but how can we make everyone happy? It is almost impossible to approach each employee individually. Until now.

The challenge was not opening a communication channel, that’s the HR division’s work. The real challenge was in organizing all the data that each employee and new applicant produce by modifying their contracts separately. So first things first, the set up.

The idea of Resourceful Humans was to find a balance between Life, Job and Money and then employees and new applicants would be able to simply say what was more important. So, how do we represent the new work deal for the people?

Introducing The Gap. If we set a range of options for the employee’s that goes from one side of the page to the other, whoever is trying to represent their situation just have to move two sliders that represent their “current situation” and “desired situation” on that scheme. Then, if the gap between the sliders is very long, it means that there is a great disagreement on what the employee want and what they currently have, it is an alert that will be represented on the HR department’s side. On the other hand, if the gap is short or non-existent, the employee is more contempt with their current work deal.

– Apply some UI sauce

After the tool and interaction were defined in a simple and intuitive way, it was time to wrap it up in an attractive and intuitive layout.

Configurhator home-1
Phone Conf home
Phone Conf 2
Phone Conf 5
Phone Conf 11
Phone Conf 13
Phone Conf 7

– Current state VS desired state

Employees simply need to place the state sliders in the different sections.

Configurhator 05
Configurhator 06
Configurhator 07
Configurhator 08
Configurhator 09

– New applicants can set their deals too!

People willing to work in the company can start saying what are they looking for as a retribution before they start. 

Configurhator appli 0
Configurhator appli 01
Configurhator appli 02
Configurhator appli 03
Configurhator appli 04
Configurhator appli 05
Configurhator appli 06
Configurhator appli 07
Configurhator appli 08

– Mobile version

Waiting in line at the doc? Why not updating your work deal while you wait? it takes just a moment.

– How would you like to work?


UX Design
UI Design

“Rafael has provided us with spot-on concept work in short-term engagements, as well as with perfectly fleshed out work from concept to atomic library in supporting iterations of our core products' design.”

Heiko Fischer CEO Resourceful Humans