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Carhds – Rafael Tudela H


Activate participation

Carhds is a mobile and web based app for presentations. It provides real time feedback to presenters from the viewers by simply selecting and tapping on a card on their phone so the presenters know whether they are losing focus or are doing a good job. I redesigned the overall user interface and added some functionalities, like the “meeting’s time graph”, “entering the room” and “time tracker”, to the user experience. It’s all about making the meeting worth your while!

Client: Resourceful Humans GmbH
Sector: Technology
Project: App / SaaS
Country: Germany

Imagine 100% effective meetings with no more excuses about wasted time. CaRHds enables everybody’s voice to be heard.

The Resourceful Humans team likes effective meetings. No matter if you are physically in the room or joining virtually from half a world away, being able to participate in a meeting is crucial for the feedback. Here’s where CaRHds comes into the game.

– UX redesign

The app has two ends that needed to be defined in terms of usability. 

Using a low-fi prototype exercise, I could establish where the functionalities and all the elements would be. So after some ideas and sketches, the skeleton of the app was born and ready for a test.

– UI redesign

Tests completed and feedback applied. Now it’s time for some color, baby!

After redesigning the whole UX of the app in the presenter and viewer’s fronts, I created the assets library using some atomic design principles. So, grouping elements and standardizing the different screens was next and the wireframe looked like this:

– The results

In the new version, all the users have a dashboard from where they can create and enter meetings.
Each user starts with 0 experience points and can get more based on how productive their meetings as host are based on feedback and time use.

The experience points system allows each user to level up. By doing so, the user unlocks new functionalities like different kinds of meetings, set high priority meetings and more time for their meetings. So, the more meetings each user creates and nails, the higher their level will be, the more active their profile in the organization becomes.

carhds 01
carhds 02
carhds 08
carhds 01-1

– The presenter’s view

Hosts can see the attendees list and their feedback, the time they have left and a little assistant that reacts to the audience feedback and give them tips like “go back to the topic” or “time to wrap things up!”. They also can finish or postpone the meeting and add more people on the go.

carhds 02-1

– The attendee’s view

Everyone attending the meeting can flip the cards and send instant feedback to the presenter. That feedback is recorded and shown in the graph in real time so everyone can see each other’s contribution and the presenter knows what their audience is thinking.


– Feedback and integration

At the end of a meeting, attendees leave their comments and qualification, ranking the meeting’s goal and their own participation. If the organization is also using the Starhs system, they can give stars to the host.

Later on, the host can review all the comments, and gets a score from the attendees’ feedback, cards flipped and time use. They can always go back and review each meetings score at the timeline on their dashboard.

carhds 02-1

– Mobile version

The viewers can use the mobile app to get notifications, see their dashboard, create meetings, enter meetings and give feedback in real time.

Carhds Phone temp 1
Carhds Phone temp 3
Carhds Phone temp 4
Carhds Phone temp 2
Carhds Phone temp 5
Carhds Phone temp 6
Carhds Phone temp 8


UX Design
UI Design

“Rafael has provided us with spot-on concept work in short-term engagements, as well as with perfectly fleshed out work from concept to atomic library in supporting iterations of our core products' design.”

Heiko Fischer CEO Resourceful Humans