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Cacique Cruiser – Rafael Tudela H

Cacique Cruiser


Cacique Cruiser is a tour agency and guiding operation in the San Blas islands. Panama. I redesigned the Cacique brand giving them a fresh look that differentiates them from the several others. With a cool new visual identity, a new digital strategy and management, Cacique Cruiser is now heading to become the best tour agency in the Guna Yala (San Blas) independent region in Panama.

Client: Cacique Cruiser S.A
Sector: Tourism
Project: e-Branding
Country: Panama

What brings more people to the islands is… you know. The fact that they are gorgeous.

What we are all about is connecting the natural beauty of a destination, with the culture and the history of its people. Our goal is to make it the best experience that you would have in Panama. That’s what we are trying to do every day”

I could help Cacique by giving them an attractive and different image, a better-organized design system and a different way to interact with their customers and the local people of the communities. This awesome team is what now forms this great independent company.
Check out and, why not, book a tour to paradise on their website

– Identity design

The chief logo is the center of the Cacique Cruiser’s brand. A simplified and cleaner design to make it memorable and differentiate it from the many palm trees, boats and beach tourism logos in the market.

– Digital and collateral design

Web design + interactive catalog for their trips + prints + some other goodies

– Placing a digital sales representative

Using a customed designed stand for a tablet, this interactive trip book was placed in hostels and hotels to reach more people. Customers could book from this station after looking at the options without feeling rushed or pushed by a sales person and the hotel received a commission for every booking by doing practically nothing, just let us set the tablet.

Cacique listen up
El Original
El Tranquilo
La casa de Lonny
Coconut express
Now more Chill_Artboard 9
Limon y Sal_Artboard 9 copy 7
cacique mapa
Cacique promo

– More than tourism. It’s about sharing and preserving the beauty

A very strong aspect of the brand is that they care. A secondary brand, “The Cacique Cares” no profit foundation was established to help the locals implementing a recycling system on the islands where everyone involved in the business help taking out the trash of the region and contributing to the community


Information architecture
Digital strategy

“We have received so many compliments on his work, and no other designer has been able to bring our ideas to life like Rafa. I could not recommend him more.”

Brett Dickey Co-founder of Cacique Cruiser