I design interactions between humans and products.

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I’m a Colombian designer located in Bogota Seoul that works with digital products. I focus on giving users an intuitive and motivating experience by helping businesses improve their solutions and brand.

I help businesses turn good ideas into reality. I execute branding, user experience design, and visual design for creative teams on a contract and retainer basis remotely.

My specialties are Product design —

This is what has happened so far:

Before I decided what I wanted to do for a living, I always thought I was going to be a doctor.
For a kid that spent a little less than half of his childhood in a hospital, it sounded just about right.

Respiratory problems, complications with a hernia when I was 5, many surgeries across my body, damaged knees for skateboarding, several broken bones over the years; 2 times each forearm, once with the risk of almost losing my left hand (after my silly accident falling from a tree). In that occasion, it was almost certain that I wouldn’t be able to move my hand normally, even after they saved it by using one of my ribs (and a lot of screws) to reconstruct it, and with a lot of patience, today I play the bass guitar. But more of that later.

Thanks to those very boring early days on a hospital bed or in physical therapy, most of the time I was watching TV and video games. Rapidly, I developed a strong like for drawing and animation, particularly Japanese animation. With so much time to practice I developed a skill and loved it. So when I was in high school, I started my very first “design business” drawing posters of superheroes and animation characters for friends and classmates.

On my last year in high school I expanded my business by making graphic design projects for many students I didn’t even know as graphic design and technical drawing were mandatory classes in my high school in Bogota, Colombia. That was the time I also started a punk rock band with my friends. We had a good 7 years long run with two albums. My second big passion.

By the moment I had to choose my career I was kind of sold on my profession (and medicine looked pretty boring and hard by then) so I got my BA in Industrial Design from Los Andes University in 2010. Not only I improved my design skills, I also learned how to be a problem solver.

My parents have always been business owners and I liked that about them. It’s hard work. They were not around much because of it, but that never prevented them from being great people. I wanted to do the same, but when they rejected my solicitude to work with them on their jeans factory because they didn’t want me to live under the stress of being in charge, so, again, I started my own business.

I co-founded and successfully managed a branding and interactive design agency for four years in Bogota. I had the opportunity to work with my friends and colleagues with a wide range of commercial and private institutions, government, B2C & B2B companies and even embassies. All kinds of sectors with very different and interesting problems taught me how to approach with a curious mind every time and really identify and focus on the important parts of the projects. 

Approaching a design challenge is like trying to listen to your favorite song in a live concert. I learned how to isolate the important part from all the surrounding noise and focus on that.

On the last quarter of 2014, we decided to close down the agency and split ways to follow different paths, so by January of 2015, I started traveling. I haven’t looked back. I have visited a lot of different places in South and North America, Europe, and Asia. Have met too many people and worked with clients from 5 different countries across 3 continents. Even more market sectors, and of course, many different problems to solve. And this time, the challenge was in different languages.

I’ve always had a tendency to learn languages. For some reason, it is easy for me to pick up words and start putting them together. So far I can speak in Spanish, English, I’m advanced in German and intermediate in Japanese. I learned the Cyrillic alphabet in one week while living in Moscow and can put together enough Korean to get by now that I’m living in Seoul since the beginning of 2017.

It’s been 7 years of professional design experience (and counting).  Now my passion is a mix. It started as a love of design but it’s grown to combine with other interests; music,  languages, problem solving, tourism, digital products, and fitness are the kind of projects I enjoy the most. 

Above all, I like user experience, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration in the digital world.

Thank you for reading. 


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